KLF DESIGN is the lasting legacy to the late Kim Louise Ferguson. She was the light of her two daughters lives and accomplished greatness in her time on earth.

See Kim's journey on instagram @kimlouiseferguson. 

Lucie Ferguson: "Mum and I dreamt of starting KLF 8 years ago and I am so happy that is has come to fruition. All of our initials are represented in the label Kim Louise Ferguson, Elleshia Louise Ferguson and Lucie Kim Ferguson and it will be a true reflection of our style. To keep her creativity flowing whilst we went through some isolating medical treatment mum would draw shoe and bag designs she had always wanted to make. I encouraged mum to check leather swatches and bag samples I was having made no matter how sick she was as I wanted to make these pieces that were the essence of her. Mum’s mantra through all of our struggles was “don’t give up, dress up” and this label will be making the pieces she wanted to wear most.

I will continue with KLF DESIGN for the rest of my days so one day Kim's grandchildren might work for her namesake brand. They could get to know her through the patterns and stencils and colours she had chosen from beaches and hospital beds along our journey. 

Please wear your KLF pieces with pride and know how happy Kim would have been seeing her designs come to life".

For wholesale and customer enquiries contact: info@klfdesign.com.au